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How to Prevent Electrical Shock at Home

How to Prevent Electrical Shock at Home

How to Prevent Electrical Shock at Home

Every day, many non-fatal electrical shock accidents occur in homes in the United States. It is actually easy to get electrocuted in your own home. However, with a good electrician in Altamonte Springs FL, you can know how to prevent electrical shock in your home and know what to look out for to keep your home safe from potential electric shock.

Here are some tips to help improve your awareness to electrical safety at home to help you and your family stay safe.

Cover electrical outlets

One of the easiest ways to ensure that your home is safe from electric shock is to buy plug covers and install them. Most of the new outlet covers have childproof features that prevent children from removing them when it’s not in use. Modern outlets also prevent tampering by only opening when a plug goes into all the openings at once. This feature can ensure that your kids stay safe even when unattended and playing around electrical outlets.

Always check for socket voltage

If you are handy at home and change light bulbs regulars and other minor electrical works, be sure to always check the voltage and wattage of sockets. If a light bulb is inserted into a socket of a wrong wattage, it could short out. The recommended wattage for a light bulb is always printed at the socket area. Make sure you do not overload sockets by using bulbs of the correct rating.

Use extensions and power cords safely

If you have need of electrical extension cords around your home, do your best to keep them out of the way to prevent tripping hazards. Do not twist electrical power cords when you’re storing them to prevent the wires getting damaged internally and then causing electrical fires or shocks. If you keep having to buy extension cords, then chances are you are better off having an electrician in Altamonte Springs FL install a new outlet for you which is a more permanent and safer alternative to using extension cords.

Avoid overloading electrical outlets

If you are having multiple large, high power appliances plugged into the same outlet or power strip, the chances of an overload, overheating or potential electric fire is quite high. Try to avoid using extension cords at home and only in temporary situations. Each heavy appliance such as dishwasher and washing machine should be kept apart with properly rated outlets equipped with circuit breakers. If you are compelled to plug in several appliances in the same outlet, then you are risking electrocution in the long run.

See professional electrical help

While you can do a lot by yourself by reading up on home electrical safety, nothing beats having an experienced, skillful electrician in Altamonte Springs FL coming to your home to give you an electrical audit regularly. If you have questions, don’t hesitate to speak to a professional who will help you address your concerns.

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