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Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards and Control Measures

Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards and Control Measures

Most Dangerous Electrical Hazards and Control Measures

Electricity can prove unfriendly if mishandled in the home and as such, you have to be careful when dealing with electrical hazards around the home. As a result, there are various hazards that come with the use of electricity.

The good news, however, is that one can reduce the danger/threat that electricity poses to humans? This must, however, be a conscious effort which must be undertaken by capable hands – a well trained electoral contractor.

In this regards, we discuss some of the most common electrical hazards.

1. Poor and Defective Wiring System

One of the determinants of the safety of the electrical system of a building is the quality of the wiring system. Poor wire exposes one to dangers of fire outbreaks, power surges arc faults etc. besides, and it is a bad idea to try out any electrical work without proper knowledge.

Damaged, cracked or corroded electrical wires increase the chances of electric fire accidents. As a result, electrical contractors in Altamonte Springs, FL recommend having a well-trained electrician examine your wiring system for faults as such.

2. Outlets Near Moisture

Rooms that are constantly exposed to water such as the bathroom, kitchen and other rooms should have outlets far from the water source. This is a good idea as water is a good conductor of electricity hence; it should be far from the outlet.

As a result, we discourage the use of dryers, clippers in the bathroom or anywhere exposed to water.

3. Wet hands

Besides making sure outlets are far from moisture, we also recommend using only wet hands to handle electricity and the appliances. Water, a conductor of electricity increase the chance of getting shocked.

As a result, we would like to warn people who like reaching out for the hair dryers just after stepping out of the shower.

4. Quenching Electrical Fire with Water

An electrical fire is one of the many types of fire accident. It, however, should never be put out with water for obvious reasons – water conducts electricity. Thus, pouring water on electrical fire could cost one dearly as it could cause shock and in extreme cases – death.

Electrical contractors in Altamonte Springs, FL advise the possession of fire extinguishers at home and offices. Thus, in case of a fire accident, cut off the main power supply, evacuate the building and call for the fire service.

5. Kids and Toddlers

Kids, by nature, are very inquisitive. Thus, it is not surprising that they would want to explore the house and everything in it. This is why kids should always be under the supervision of matured ones. Also, the presence of toddlers and kids around calls for extra diligence in making the house safe for all.

Electrical accidents could cost one dearly, thus, we recommend employing the information above to keep the house and all in it save. Electrical contractors in Altamonte Springs, FL are skilled in all areas of electrical work. Give us a call today to help handle anything relating to electricity.