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Simple Tricks to Save Money with Your Ceiling Fan

Simple Tricks to Save Money with Your Ceiling Fan

Simple Tricks to Save Money with Your Ceiling Fan

Even during the hot temperature, most people resort to using the air conditioning system. This, however, takes a huge toll on the energy bill as a typical AC unit consumes 3500 Watts while the ceiling fan consumes just 60 watts.

Even with this little value, one can still get to reduce the overall energy bills. This is why we bring you some ceiling fan hacks to limit energy consumption.

1. During Winter, Set the fan to The Counterclockwise Direction

Electricians in Altamonte Springs FL reveal that there are many things one can do to save money via the ceiling fan. Thus, running the fan in the opposite direction during winter is one of such ways. You can do this by flipping a switch just beneath the base of the fan

Doing this will make the fan suck up air from the center of the room and spread it to sides. The idea behind this is to mix warm and cool air to achieve a steady temperature. You can lessen the pressure on the furnace with this tweak.

2. In the summer, adjust the Ceiling Fan Direction to Blow Downward

Ceiling fans are designed with clockwise and anticlockwise settings. In order to get the perfect setting for the season, we recommend that you stand beneath the fan and switch it on. If you feel the breeze immediately then the summer setting is on.

If you cannot feel the breeze, then you need to adjust the setting. All you have got to do is get a stool and flip a switch located just beneath the base of the fan.

3. Use a Higher temperature in summer.

Most people prefer their ceiling fan to run all day during the hot period of the year. If you want to do this, we advise that you raise the temperature of the thermostat a little. The electricians in Altamonte Springs FL admit that it is the job of the ceiling fan to distribute the air, in contrast to cooling the room.

4. When Leaving the Home, Keep Ceiling Fans Off

Most people turn a nonchalant attitude to switching off electrical appliances when out of the home. The end result of this action is an increment in the energy bills as the ceiling fan will not turn itself off, unlike the programmable thermostats that can switch off the air conditioner when you are out.

Since the ceiling fan is not programmable, you have to make a conscious effort to switch it off whenever you are out of the house. This action can bring significant reduction in your energy bills.

There are many ways to save on energy bills. A smart use of the ceiling fan is just one of them. Living by the methods recommended above can bring a considerable reduction in one’s energy bills. The electricians in Altamonte Springs FL are trained in everything regarding electrical works for private and commercial homes. Give us a call today and get your electrical works handled by professionals.