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Tips to Design a Smart Outdoor Lighting System

Tips to Design a Smart Outdoor Lighting System

Tips to Design a Smart Outdoor Lighting System

Many advantages come with having an effective lighting system. It helps with security and it is an excellent way to keep intruders at bay. However, if you want to have an effective lighting system installed how can you design it? Reaux Electric Inc., an expert electrician in Altamonte Springs, FL, has some important tips that homeowners should take note of.

In designing an efficient security lighting system, one needs to consider the passive and active safety light. This will help understand what plays the major role in the lighting system.

Some tips for having an efficient outdoor lighting system are:

1. Let Visibility Guard Your Design

Ideally, the security light serves two primary function – deterring criminals and preventing you from tripping and falling while in your yard. As a result, a lighting system should enhance visibility. Improving visibility is not about having an excessive lighting system; too much light can blind.

2. Take Care of Shadows

This is where many outdoor lighting systems have flaws. When there are too many shadows, it kills the essence of the lighting system. The easiest way to have shadows is to install too much bright light without proper arrangement. An electrician in Altamonte Springs can help you place your lights strategically around your home and help you get rid of shadows.

3. Design with a location in Mind

Employing the best electricians in Altamonte Springs will make sure the right light is matched with correct placement. As a result, lights are installed very high to prevent being tampered with. Motion light and floodlights should be placed close to outbuildings and by the side of the home. This way, you will be able to put the light to good use the best way possible.

4. Design for Full Coverage

There are many places around the home where the security light matters. The entry doors and windows, the walkways, the driveways, etc. However, you should endeavor you have full coverage. Being a security light automatically makes it part of your outdoor decoration. Hence, the design should not be ugly.

5. Design for Passive and Active Light

Majorly, passive lighting is meant to be a security/safety measure. Examples of passive light are illuminating paths, driveways, and walkways. Active light, on the other hand, is more of a deterrent to illuminate and scare away criminals.

Motion lighting, meant to keep intruders at bay, is best placed at the entry of the home. It is an excellent way to get a security lighting system. Sudden coming up of these lights can temporarily blind one if it comes up in the middle of the night.

Outdoor Security Light Service in Altamonte Springs

The proper lighting system should boost the safety and security of your house. If you are interested in this, the electricians in Altamonte Springs are trained to get the job done. For everything that involves electricity, security lighting inclusive, you can count on the expertise of the electricians in Altamonte Springs, FL at the Reaux Electric Inc. Get in touch with us today; you will not regret it. Call 321 396 2231 to get a quote.