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Types Of Electricians in Altamonte Springs

Types Of Electricians in Altamonte Springs

Types Of Electricians in Altamonte Springs

Electrical work is a skilled trade that requires years of practice, keeping up with the latest systems and a certification to allow contractors to install electrical systems and wire a place. Contract work cannot be undertaken by an uncertified electrician so it's important for both professionals and clients to give it priority.

Electricians are classified into three main types - line, inside and integrated building systems specialists. These professionals are tasked with different jobs and undergo training specific to their line of work.

Line contractors

Line contractors are electricians in Altamonte Springs who construct, maintain and plan power transmission and distribution. Electricity, as we know it, is delivered to our homes from sub-stations. The sub-stations receive high voltage electricity that's basically split into lower voltages before being distributed to consumers. It's no easy task and requires well-planned and adequate infrastructure.

Working with high voltage is a dangerous job and unskilled electricians are a disaster waiting to happen to themselves, consumers and power stations. Line contractors undergo intensive training and on-the-job education to get them acquainted with electrical systems. They're also taught to work in different environments as the job isn't restricted to power plants but distribution centers, sub-stations and houses too.

Inside contractors

Where line contractors deal with the 'larger' aspects of electricity distribution, inside contractors work in smaller environments. Their job is no less important, however, as they're the people who set up the wiring in our homes and that of commercial and office settings.

Aside from working with buildings, they also design and maintain cabling and installation of required systems. Repair work is also undertaken by them as is troubleshooting, replacement of components like circuit breakers, telephone wiring and computer networking pre-wiring.

HVAC contractors

HVAC contractors are considered part of the IBS group of specialists. However, some states require contractors to have a separate HVAC license.

These professionals work with HVAC systems in residential and commercial settings. They're trained to identify problems and environments that could pose a hazard to systems such as the presence of water and moisture in close proximity. They test, install, repair and reassemble electrical components and equipments to comply with applicable standards.

Now that we've listed the various types of electrical contractors, let's look at what customers should check for when hiring one.

  • A referral is fine for small repair work but large jobs require that contractors are members of national associations. Associations can provide the names of licensed contractors operating in certain areas.
  • Customer testimonials should be reviewed. Good contractors won't hesitate to show you their past work and have no problems with you contacting former clients.
  • Many contractors have websites you can check for services, products and projects. Complete contact details are also given. Free estimates and quotations may also be provided upon request.

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