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What to Know About Blackouts and Using A Generator

What to Know About Blackouts and Using A Generator

What to Know About Blackouts and Using A Generator

It is possible to enjoy 24/7 uninterrupted power supply even if you live in an area that suffers many blackouts. Blackouts could be as a result of disaster or a general fault with the central power supply. You cannot live in the dark, so how do you move from here?

A generator is an alternative power supply and can be installed by electricians in Altamonte Springs, FL. The generator has to be properly installed, the transfer switch built correctly, and the wiring done right. This is to prevent hazards or accidents. Here is a guide to using a generator:

Disconnect the main power source

Before connecting your home to a generator, you must first disconnect the main switch or power source from the associated ungrounded conductors. This is done through a disconnecting means and the disconnecting means must be lockable in its open position and fixed at a point. Take note that the main power source is disconnected before connecting your generator. Contact electricians in Altamonte Springs, FL to help you disconnect your main power source and teach you how to do it properly.

Proceed to the main transfer switch

A transfer switch helps to tie a generator to your power system. It helps to keep the associated ungrounded conductors feeding into the generator sub-panel as well as to disable electricity from the main power source entering the circuits, unless the generator is turned off and the transfer switch is returned to the non-backup point. The transfer switch can be manual or automated. Electricians in Altamonte Springs, FL can help you build a transfer switch in whatever form you want, connect it and as well enlighten you on how to change over.

Put in a safe and isolated area

Due to the exhaust fumes from the generator, it is advisable to put it in an isolated area, away from windows, doors, ventilation system etc. It should face away from the residential area. It should also be kept safely to avoid theft or damage. You can build a home with locks for the generator and ensure that you or someone old enough to operate it has access to it.

In conclusion

Using a generator is pretty easy once you follow instructions well and take the necessary precautions to heart. Electricians in Altamonte Springs, FL can help you set up your generator as well as teach you the necessary means of operating it on your own. Reaux Electric Inc provides qualified and well-trained electricians that will ensure excellent electrical installations and repairs for your home whenever you need any work done. Our staff are fully licensed and work 24/7 for emergency cases. They are friendly, accommodating and ever ready to meet your needs. Looking for reputable electricians to help you with your generator installation and maintenance? Call us on 321-396-2231 today or send an email for more information.