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Why Are Your Electrical Outlets Getting Hot?

Why Are Your Electrical Outlets Getting Hot?

Why Are Your Electrical Outlets Getting Hot?

It could be quite scary when you notice that your electrical outlets are getting hot without anything seeing to be the matter. It would be really dangerous to ignore a heated up electrical outlet. This is because it is one of the common sources of electrical fires. An overheated electrical outlet can lead to shorted appliances and start a fire. There are many reasons why an electrical outlet could get hot. Some of these reasons require a quick fix that you can do by yourself at home while others need professional electricians in Altamonte Springs FL to fix for you.

Let’s look at the most common reasons why your electrical outlets are getting overheated

Wrongly installed electrical points

Loose electrical connections are a potential danger to your home and the worst part is that they usually go unnoticed. If your electrical connections are behind the walls, that makes it even more of a risk. Loose electrical points will cause an outlet to heat by moving electricity through an air pocket or a smaller piece of wiring. When the strands of wiring are unable to transfer the electricity effectively, the wiring will begin to heat up from the excess current. This eventually causes the outlet to heat up and become more likely to catch fire.

Using aluminum wiring in electrical installations

Aluminum is a common metal found in a lot of home appliances in different parts. However, aluminum is well known for its susceptibility to heating up when used as wires. Aluminum wires are particularly problematic because a special paste is required to join them to another copper connector. What happens is that when aluminum wiring has issues, some electricians replace it with copper wiring which is supposed to be a better choice compared to aluminum wiring. This is a stressful job that you need a professional electrician in Altamonte Springs FL to help you with in order to get a quality job done. If this replacement isn’t done properly, chances are you will end up with plenty of issues and potentially an electrical fire.

Shorting circuits

A shorting circuit is quite easy to identify when it is the reason why your electrical outlet is heating up. A short circuit is caused when there are two wires that are in contact with each other. This makes your electrical outlet hot and it ends up giving your outlet visible brownish scorch marks which sometimes can be seen by the naked eye. If the plastic material used to make the shorting circuit isn’t of high quality, it could get hot enough and start an electrical fire at your home.

Don’t let your electrical outlets cause an electrical fire

So what happens when your electrical outlets are hot? You should get professional help to maintain a safe home. When you choose Reaux Electric Inc for your electrical repair and maintenance in Altamonte Springs FL, you can sleep with the confidence that everything will go according to plan. Call us today for a free consultation.