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4 Common Reasons Circuit Breakers Trip at Your Home

4 Common Reasons Circuit Breakers Trip at Your Home

4 Common Reasons Circuit Breakers Trip at Your Home

You are just sitting down to eat dinner and suddenly you have no electricity in your dining room. You head straight to the circuit breaker box and turn the switch again. You can easily do it in the dark because it happens on a regular basis. If this scenario regularly plays out at your home, then understand that there are many things that can cause circuit breakers to trip as shutting off your electricity is what they are designed to do.

Electrical Circuit Overload

An electrical circuit overload occurs when you try to draw more electricity through a circuit than the circuit is designed to handle. You may have one of two issues happening to cause the circuit overload. You may be trying to plug too many things into the same electrical circuit. On the other hand, you may have one device that is malfunctioning and pulling an excessive amount of electricity. One of the first signs that you may notice if this is the problem is that your lights will dim when you turn on certain devices. You may also discover that some of your outlets become very warm to the touch. While it may take a while, the circuit will eventually become too hot. Then, an internal spring within the circuit breaker is tripped shutting off the electricity to that part of your home.

Short Circuit Fault

A short-circuit fault occurs when there is contact between neutral and live conductors causing the current to flow at a much higher rate than its rated value. In this case, the magnetic tripping mechanism is thrown almost instantly because this fault can quickly cause a fire. The most common reason that these faults occur is that the insulation on wiring within your house has been damaged allowing neutral and live wires meet each other. When this is the case, you usually find that the circuit trips again immediately after you flip it back on.

Ground Fault

A ground fault occurs when a conductive surface is touched by a live conductor. The source of the contact must be isolated, which can be difficult to do. It may be located inside one of your devices or it can be in the wiring running through the walls of your home. Since the contact can cause a fire, it is important to work with electrical contractors in Altamonte Springs, Fl, like Reaux Electric Inc, to determine the exact cause. Ground faults can be a particular problem in wet areas of your home, like your kitchen and your bathroom.

Arc Fault

If you have a newer home or have had the electrical system in your home upgraded, then you probably have arc-fault circuit breakers in your home. Unlike other circuit breakers, these are designed to trip when arcing occurs. One of the primary reasons that arcing occurs is a loose metal screw in terminal connections.

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