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Electrical Dangers in Your Home

Electrical Dangers in Your Home

Electrical Dangers in Your Home

Many different electrical dangers may be present in your home. Many people ignore them because their electricity seems to be working correctly. Approximately 30,000 non-shock electrical injuries occur in homes across the United States that are serious enough that people seek medical treatment. About 325 people are electrocuted in their homes each year. Before you become part of the statistics, evaluate your own home to see if any of these problems exist.  

Defective Electric Wiring

Broken, corroded, or damaged electrical wires in your home are a leading cause of electrical problems. Improper connections to outlets and switches cause many electrical fires. Broken electrical appliances can also cause house fires or electrical shocks. Wires can also get chewed by pests. Whenever defective electric wiring exists in your home, turn off the power to the switch and call electricians in Altamonte Springs, Florida.  

Outlets Close to Water

Water can act as a conduit for electricity, so having outlets close to water can be like asking for trouble. You can receive an electrical shock from touching an electrical outlet with water in it. You may even get burned. Plugging something into these outlets can cause fires. This act can also cause short-circuits, causing your item not to function correctly. If the outlet has a GFCI component, then it should switch off automatically. Then, you should turn off the electricity at the breaker box and call a licensed electrician.  

Overheated Cords

The most commonly overheated cords in your home are extension cords. Be sure to check the wattage your cord can safely handle before plugging anything into it. You should also check the length of the entire cord to make sure that it is in excellent condition before using it. Make sure that you use only extension cords marked for outdoor use there, and never run an extension cord under a rug, furniture, or carpeting. Buy and use only extension cords approved by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), Intertek (ETL), or CSA-International (CSA).  


While you may not think that lightbulbs are much of a danger in your home, many fires are started by them because they get too close to another object. Using bulbs that stay cool helps to reduce the chance of home fires. You or another family member will also not get burnt if you grab the lightbulb after it has been turned on. Never use a lamp or other light source with a frayed cord.  

If you have completed your electrical inspection of the inside of your home and located problems, then contact Reaux Electric Inc. These electricians in Altamonte Springs, FL, will be glad to come out and create a solution. Your friends and neighbors are probably already trusting these electricians in Altamonte Springs, FL, and you should trust them too. Give them a call today to solve the electrical issues at your home or office.