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Four Ways to Childproof Your Home to Protect Your Kids from Electrical Hazards

Four Ways to Childproof Your Home to Protect Your Kids from Electrical Hazards

Four Ways to Childproof Your Home to Protect Your Kids from Electrical Hazards

Everyone's home has countless electrical hazards that put your children at risk every single day.  If these hazards are neglected, your children can suffer severe injuries, such as burns and electrocution.   As electricians in Alamonte Springs, FL, we have given alert many homeowners to these hazards, pose solutions, and perform necessary repairs to remedy the issues.  There are recommended ways that you can childproof your home to protect your children from electrical hazards.  

Start as Soon as Your Child Is On the Move

When your little one starts moving around, this is the time to start childproofing.  You may notice that they enjoy crawling or rolling towards areas with electrical cords or outlets.  Once they start moving, it's time for you to invest in some products that make childproofing easier.  You will need outlet covers, wire bundlers, wire fasteners, and other electrical security devices.  You will also want to remind your child of areas to avoid touching. Even though you should still cover outlets and electrical hazards, it is important to reinforce these lessons all the time.

Secure Loose Wires

When you have loose and exposed electrical wires, your child can easily reach for them, play with them, or even just lay on them without realizing it.  Electrical wires can easily get wrapped around their limbs, resulting in strangulation or electrocution.  You will want to fasten or secure any loose wires to walls or safely stowed under furniture.  This will prevent any injury from happening in the split second that you are looking away from your child.

Secure All Electrical Appliances

When you are childproofing, you need to take notice of any electrical appliances, heat producing appliances, or power tools.  These will need to be safely secured or stowed away from children.  You want to make sure that lamps are safely secured on the tops of tables and that their wires are not exposed.  Children can easily pull unsecured lamps down onto themselves.  Also, check that all of your kitchen appliances do not have any exposed or frayed wires.  These can easily cause electrocution if your children get ahold of them.

Cover Wall Outlets

Children love to explore, and they often start exploring through their sense of touch.  The last thing you want your child to do is to stick their finger in an exposed electrical outlet.  This can quickly lead to electrocution, which could result in serious internal injuries.  By covering wall outlets with simple outlet covers, you greatly reduce this from occurring.  It is advisable to cover every single wall outlet in your home, but you immediately want to cover any outlet that is within the child's reach and near the floor.

By following these easy childproofing recommendations, you will spare your children from dangerous exposure to any electrical hazards.  Your home is a place you want to keep safe.  As electricians in Alamonte Springs, we can help you to create a safe home for your family and loved ones.  Contact us today to hear about how you can implement electrical safety practices into your home.