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Landscape Lighting Tips

Landscape Lighting Tips

Landscape Lighting Tips

You have probably spent many hours planning the right look for your landscape. You have spent even longer caring for it. While you may have enjoyed the process, you hardly ever get to enjoy it because you are never home when there’s enough light to see. Adding landscape lighting allows you to enhance the look of your landscaping even more while allowing you to enjoy it regardless of the hour. Keep these tips in mind to add landscape lighting to your yard.

Choose Where to Place Outdoor Lights

Most people’s eyes adjust to dim lighting outside, so you do not have to add a lot of light to your landscaping to have a dramatic effect. Think about the areas of your yard where you want guests to pay attention and add lights to these areas. Then, choose elements in your landscaping that will look even more dramatic when lit at night. Finally, add lights to illuminate dark areas where people need to walk.

Pick the Right Fixtures

There are a variety of landscape fixtures available on the market. Consider path lights on small posts to provide extra lighting where people will be walking. If you have a gate or other opening, then think about installing a piedmont light there. You can easily use Bollard lights to separate different outdoor living spaces. Spotlights are a great option when you want to illuminate your favorite prize plants. You can choose well lights if you wish to light an area without having to look at a fixture. Almost any type of features, such as ponds, walls, and seating areas, have lights designed just for them.

Select Your Lighting Scheme

Your landscaping will look more unified if you stick with one type of lighting scheme throughout. Uplighting is a great option when you want to create drama by focusing your lighting on larger items, like mature trees. Consider using more than one light to highlight a geometric shape in your landscaping that guests might miss seeing during the day. Create moodier lighting by installing your lights in front of your favorite plants and letting them remain in the shadows. You can hang lights close to your hardscape and point them straight up or down.

Decide on the Right Lights

There are several considerations to keep in mind when choosing the right lights for your landscaping. Position your lights carefully so that they do not disturb you in the house or your neighbors in their homes. Pick high-wattage bulbs if you are looking to increase safety. Alternatively, low-wattage bulbs are usually more dramatic and cost less to operate.  Select lights that dim so that you can turn them up or down as desired or set your lights on timers.

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