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3 Main Types of Lighting

3 Main Types of Lighting

3 Main Types of Lighting

If you always turning on more lights in your home, but you are never satisfied that you have enough light, then you may need to develop a new lighting scheme. Alternatively, when you are settling down to watch a movie, you may wish that you had mood lighting. There are three main types of lighting available for your home, and each one has a particular purpose. Learning their purpose and possible choices helps you pick the types of lighting that are right for different areas of your home.

Ambient Lighting

Ambient lighting is designed to be as flat and natural as possible. It is designed to resemble being outside when the sun is not glaring or hidden under a cloud. Another way to think about ambient lighting is its just enough light to see without being glaring. It is often called mood lighting and is designed to capture the soft curves of your face and allow your pupils to dilate after a hard day at work. There are many different choices in ambient lighting, including track lighting, chandelier, pendant lighting, wall lights, and wall sconces.

Task Lighting

Compared to ambient lighting, task lighting is much more concentrated. It is designed to give you plenty of light to see to do things, like reading, cooking or sewing, in a small area. Task lighting usually has less glare than lighting an entire room. It is especially designed to help you stay awake and keep your mind engaged, which is why you find this type of lighting in many different offices. There are many different task lighting options including floor lamps, reading lamps, under cabinet lights, vanity lights and pendant lights.

Accent Lighting

An often-overlooked aspect of a home lighting scheme is accent lighting. This type of lighting is designed to add style and drama to your home. You can use accent lighting to focus attention on the architectural function of your home. It is also very useful for focusing attention on bookcases, artwork, a piece of furniture or your collection. Accent lighting is also used outside to focus attention on your exterior holiday décor. It can be used to add a level of sophistication to your living space. There are many different types of accent lighting, including wall lights, spotlights, recessed lights, and landscaping lights.

Unless you are using a lamp that simply plugs into an outlet, be sure to call an electrician in Altamonte Springs, FL. to install your lighting. This helps ensure that your lighting is correctly hooked into your home’s existing wiring. It also makes sure that it is properly placed to do the job that you purchased it to do. Call Reaux Electric Inc at 321-396-2231. These fully insured and bonded electricians in Altamonte Springs, FL. do all types of lighting including upgrades for LED lighting and recessed lighting.