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7 Outdoor Lighting Tips to Follow

7 Outdoor Lighting Tips to Follow

7 Outdoor Lighting Tips to Follow

Now is the perfect time to think about your outdoor lighting as you will want to play outside even longer. The first reason that you will want to consider outdoor lighting is safety because walking in the dark often lands one in the emergency room. Therefore, consider using these tips to add lighting to your landscaping.

Choose the Right Type

There are three types of outside lighting that you will want to consider. The first kind is task lighting allowing you to see to read a book on your patio or cook meals in your outdoor kitchen. The second type is ambiance lighting that helps set a mood for your outdoor living space. Do not overlook the importance of accent lighting to help focus attention on your landscaping while also increasing your home’s security.

Choose the Right Amount

While you do not have to choose a single source, it is vital to consider the amount of lighting that will keep people safe while they enjoy your yard. Generally, you can find this number by multiplying your square footage by 1.5. Therefore, if you have a 100 square foot patio, you need 150 watts of light.

Pick the Right Style

Outdoor lighting comes in many different styles, and it is incredibly easy to choose options to help set the style of your outdoor living space. You may want to choose hanging lanterns and other vintage options if you love a traditional look, but there are many contemporary light fixtures with brushed nickel or stainless-steel finishes. On the other hand, you may want to consider Mission lighting with its simple lines inspired by work by Frank Lloyd Wright or coastal-style lighting to celebrate living on America’s coast.

Select the Right Placement

Outdoor lighting can be placed in a variety of different locations. You may want to consider stakes in the ground to light walkways. If you have a covered patio, then an overhead light may be perfect. You can also choose lamp options for outdoor seating areas or place lights on your home or other structure’s walls. Before making a final decision, you will want to consider what the lighting looks like from inside your home as well as outside.

Pick Out LED Options

In order to keep your outdoor lighting lasting a long time, pick LED lighting options. This is especially important in areas where children will be playing as these bulbs stay cold. Therefore, if a child falls on them, they will not get burned.

While there are many different options to consider in outdoor lighting, one choice is incredibly easy. Choose Reaux Electric Inc. as your electrician in Altamonte Springs, FL. Their professional crew will be glad to give you an estimate and talk to you about all your different choices. Call this electrician in Altamonte Springs, FL today at (321) 396-2231.